W2S2 [freʃ] adj
2¦(new and interesting)¦
4 a fresh start
6 fresh air
7 fresh water
8¦(taste/smell etc)¦
11¦(not tired)¦
12 fresh from something
13 be fresh out of something
14 fresh-made/fresh-cut/fresh-grated etc
15 get/be fresh with somebody
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: freis]
1.) ¦(NEW)¦
adding to or replacing something
I'll just make some fresh coffee.
The report provides fresh evidence about the way the business was run.
You'll have to start again on a fresh sheet of paper.
good or interesting because it has not been done, seen etc before
Ryan will bring a fresh approach to the job.
We need some fresh ideas .
Let's take a fresh look at the problem.
3.) ¦(RECENT)¦
done, experienced, or having happened recently
There were fresh fox tracks around the hen huts.
The accident was still fresh in her mind.
4.) a fresh start
when you start something again in a completely new and different way after being unsuccessful
I hope Jim and I can get back together and make a fresh start .
a) fresh food has recently been picked or prepared, and is not frozen or preserved
fresh fruit/vegetables/fish/bread etc
The beans are fresh from the garden.
b) fresh flowers have recently been picked
6.) fresh air
air from outside, especially clean air
Let's open the windows and have some fresh air in here!
breath of fresh air atbreath
7.) fresh water
fresh water contains no salt and comes from rivers and lakes
8.) ¦(TASTE/SMELL ETC)¦ [usually before noun]
pleasantly clean or cool
a fresh minty taste
It's a light, fresh wine.
pleasant, bright, and clean
≠ ↑dull
The kitchen is decorated in fresh blues and greens.
She has brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion.
if the wind is fresh, it is quite cold and strong
a fresh breeze
11.) ¦(NOT TIRED)¦ [not usually before noun]
full of energy because you are not tired
She always seems fresh and lively, even at the end of the day.
Despite his busy day he arrived looking as fresh as a daisy (=not tired and ready to do things) .
12.) fresh from sth
a) also fresh out of sth AmE
having just finished your education or training, and not having a lot of experience
He's fresh out of law school.
b) having just come from a particular place or experience
The team is fresh from their victory over the French.
13.) be fresh out of sth
AmE spoken to have just used your last supplies of something
I'm fresh out of beer. Will you take a cola instead?
14.) fresh-made/fresh-cut/fresh-grated etc
AmE having just been made, cut etc
fresh-ground coffee
15.) get/be fresh with sb
old-fashioned to behave rudely in a way which shows sexual interest, or lack of respect
>freshness n [U + of]
the freshness of the early morning
the freshness and vitality of youth

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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